Methandrostenolone (Dianabol): The First Anabolic Steroid

methandrostenoloneMethandrostenolone is the generic name of Dianabol. It has androgenic properties that are used to derive the level of testosterone within the body. It was one of the best anabolic steroid that was first created in 1950s. Due to its amazing results, the Dianabol is considered as the best and most required steroid.

History of Methandrostenolone (Dianabol)

The history of Methandrostenolone (Dianabol) is very impressing as we found its amazing requirements from all over the world. It was especially created for the sports men to get strength and body health. The history behind the introduction of the steroid was the continuous defeat of the weight lifter (Ziegler) from America. He was really very worried about this type of defeat. After the proper checkups, he found that the secret behind all the problem is lowering level of the testosterone. In order to overcome this problem of the weight lifters, Methandrostenolone was introduced.

This is all about the history of the steroid. After that, the steroid was used by all the weight lifters to improve their body health and body strength.

The important benefits of using Methandrostenolone (Dianabol)

methandrostenolone d bol resultsAll the rise in the drug requirements was only because of the best and excellent uses. No doubt, every supplement, steroid and drugs have positive as well as negative effects for the human health. According to the research, dianabol have more positive effects as compared to the negative impacts. Following are some of the important benefits of using the drugs:

  • The supplement contains lactic acid in it. This lactic acid is used to produce glycogen to strengthen the body’s muscles. Lactic acid also have many other uses for the body like it is used to digest the carbohydrates within the body. It means you will not get fat, if you keep n using dianabol regularly.
  • Another important benefit of the supplement is that, it is used to support the bones of the body. It provides sufficient amount of calcium. This calcium is also used to transport creatine and amino acids within the body. So you can also use this supplement to control your osteoporosis problem and get rid of it.
  • In addition to the calcium and the lactic acid, the supplement also supports the potassium amount within the body. The level of insulin is also maintained with the help of potassium.

All these benefits make the supplement unique and most required by the people especially the body builders. If you want to avail these benefits, you should use the supplement for sure.

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Precautions for using the Methandrostenolone (Dianabol)

Precautions of using the drugs are as important as the getting the benefits from the drugs. It is very important to keep all the precautions in mind. If you don’t know about the chemical foundation of the supplement, you must consult with the doctor to get specific information about the drug. Following are some of the precautions that should be considered while using the steroid.

  • It is always recommended that you should not take steroids when you have any of the following problem.
    • High level of the blood pressure
    • The condition of hypertension
    • Breast cancer and
    • Prostate
    • Kidney and liver problems
    • Testicular cancer and atrophy
    • Problems in respiration
  • All the children and ladies should not use drug especially the ladies that are pregnant or breast feed their child. As already stated that this supplement is only used by the males to improve their body health.
  • You must consult to the doctor for all the ingredients of the steroids. If it contains any allergic ingredient for you, don’t use it.

Dose Recommendations

Getting right dose of the supplement on right time is very important. Sometimes, people try to get double dose so that they can get the results as soon as possible. It is not a good way. You should avoid all these things. It will damage your health rather than providing you effective solutions. You must take only one recommended dose at one time. In case, if you miss any dose, try to leave that dose rather than taking double dose in the next time. Over dosing can cause different problems like insomnia, problems in urination, oily condition of the skin, fever, back pain and the high level of the blood pressure.


Dianabol is produced to provide strength to the human body especially the males and the body builders. The people should not try to use the steroids by their own. They should take doctors’ advice and take the drugs accordingly. This is the only way to avoid the problems. So, don’t take risk of your health and avoid the problems you are facing. Use the steroids in the required quantity and enjoy best of your health with your friends and family members.